Got in the Way: The Ballad of Keeping Your Sh​*​t Together

by Brandon Davenport

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A new song from me to you. It's a song about things going off the tracks, the wheels falling off the wagon, the branches falling off the tree and the baby being thrown out with the bathwater.

It's a Ballad of Keeping Your Sh*t Together.


Is anyone there? Is anyone in?
Been knocking far too long, just let me in.

I want you to go, I want you to stay.
The records over now, you let it play.

You're stepping on cracks, familiar path,
Beaten by the roads, running past.

It all got away, it all got away!
Everybody knows, and so do they ('cause it).


It got in the way (x16)


Feeling like stone, down to the bone.
Feels so good, feels so bad.

Just one more time, just enough time.
Do it all again, over again.

Up in the air, wind in your hair.
You're falling fast, no time to fear.

Hitting the ground, not even a sound.
Just the voice inside your open mind.

Not enough time, but just enough time.
Turn the record on the other side.


It got in the way (x16)

La-hoo-ooo it got in the way!


released December 24, 2013
Brandon Davenport



all rights reserved


Brandon Davenport Barrie, Ontario

My name is Brandon and we're going to go on an adventure together. The things we're going to experience are going to be as magical as they will be terrifying. It's going to be a blurry mess of mistakes and inconsistency because of the fact that I have no idea what I'm doing. My ideas are exciting, yet my goals are so foggy, you can't even see them on the horizon. I have a dilema. ... more

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